AKTUELL: to leave for a place, KUNSTSAMMLUNGEN CHEMNITZ, bis 31. Oktober

Deborah is an artist who works with varying forms of media
such as video, animation, installation, performance, dance and sculpture.
Since 2015 she studied time based media , 2020 she completed her diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden. Since 2020 she is in the Master Class of Carsten Nicolai.

Her works deal with the omnipresent longing for nature. That we ourselves are nature and try to distance ourselves from it through society. We keep imitating nature and try to be exactly as it was from the beginning, because everything is already there. It’s about the courage to be tender, compassion for yourself and the environment.

Expressing sometimes certain but sometimes indefinable feelings is what she tries to do in many of her works. Her yearning for the depths of the universe is what guides her.

Deborah Geppert ist am 03.06.1992 in Dresden geboren. Im November 2011 absolvierte sie ihre vor – professionelle Tanzausbildung bei den carrot dancers.

2020 absolvierte sie ihr Diplom in der Klasse für zeitbasierte Medien, Hochschule für bildende Künste Dresden. Seit 2020 ist sie Meisterschülerin bei Carsten Nicolai.


März/April 2022 GEN. Centro de Artes y Ciencias, Montevideo

October 2020 MEETFACTORY , Prague

March 2019 CARBON , Kiev

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